Why Is My Instagram Black? What Happened to Instagram

Kabarviralmedia.com – Why Is My Instagram Black? What Happened to Instagram. Hello, Kabarviralmedia friends, back again with the admin who will provide interesting information for all of you.

At this time the admin will provide information about a problem that occurs in the Instagram application. The problem is that there is a black background.

This makes some people who are still lay people panic, because without them changing it just happens.

By changing the color to black, it is certainly very difficult for some users because they cannot read the text clearly. Why is this possible? For an explanation, see the review below.

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Why Is My Instagram Black?

Recently, people have had problems with their Instagram, one of which is a black screen. This may be caused by the latest application update.

That’s based on what CEO Adam Mosseri said last month that Instagram was testing a revamped home screen. The switch will automatically change the background to black.

The test has been styled as it’s been tweaked in a 9:6 ratio which takes up most of all the screen. This is an attempt to make the app more convenient and video friendly.

It’s not just a black screen, it turns out that another problem that users feel is that they can only open the reels. Many users ask this question with why is my instagram feed only showing reels?

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What Happened to Instagram

The incident that occurred on Instagram was due to a system update and testing of new features, it was based on Mr. Mosserie.

“We’re moving Instagram to a place where videos are a bigger part of the home experience, where content is more immersive – taking up more screen – where most feeds are recommendations – things we think you might like but you might not. never heard of it.”

“One step down that path, we started experimenting, which is a test where photos and videos take up more of your screen.”

“We know the future of video and the future of photos is mobile-first, 9:16am, immersive, so what you’ll see is we’re testing photos and videos higher up in your feed.”

The CEO of Instagram also added that the test is likely to take place over the course of a few weeks. For this reason, users are asked to provide feedback on this.

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How to Change Instagram Back to White

For now, iPhone users cannot change the black background color in the application itself. This usually depends on the device settings.

If the cellphone is in light mode, the background will be white, and if it is in dark mode, the background will be black. Therefore, check the HP display and brightness settings to see if the mode is set.

However, if this doesn’t change and it’s still black, contact Instagram immediately. Unlike Android, where you can change it in the Instagram app settings.

You can visit your profile then click on your profile picture, click on the three horizontal dots on the top right. After that click settings then theme, now you can choose it starting from a dark or light theme.

The above review can also be used to answer the question how to change instagram from black to white and how to change instagram background to white. Because in general, the problem is a change in the background or theme of the Instagram application.

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